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Here are the matchups and strokes for the first round of the 2014 Lienzo Duffers Match Play competition (aka The Lienzo Cup) which will be played on Wednesday, July 23.  Fred Meyer and Chuck James will be absent from Wednesday's first round and they will compete at a time mutually agreeable to both of them before the 2nd round commences on July 30.

REMINDER: The first Duffer in each group is responsible for monitoring our speed of play.  We did great last week at Arroyo Trabuco.  Let’s keep up our updated awareness of our speed.

For a complete list of rules click on THE LIENZO CUP tab above.  Here are our matchups for Wednesday.  As always, be sure to check the website before you leave for the course to see if there have been any changes.


Maher (11.8) vs. McLaughlin (14.9) -- McLaughlin gets 3 strokes

Barkovitz (12.4) vs. Robben (18.1) -- Robben gets 6 strokes


Johnson (24.0) vs. Gillespie (17.1) -- Johnson gets 7 strokes

Ford (24.5) vs. Moothart (28.8) -- Moothart gets 4 strokes


English (22.1) vs. Spunt (22.8) -- Spunt gets 1 stroke

Derman (18.5) vs. Cox (18.3) -- No strokes


Ritchie (29.8) vs. Simonich (27.0) -- Ritchie gets 3 strokes

Beuerlein (23.7) vs. Valenzuela (26.0) -- Valenzuela gets 2 strokes


Preston (26.0) vs. Rigas (0.9) --- Preston gets 25 strokes

(not in competition) Bill Stewart (Rigas)  -- Kenny Generaich (Rigas)


(not in competition) Hurlbut  --  Fort

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